Technical SEO Agency. Unlock traffic & grow monthly revenue from Organic Search.

Everyone seems to offer SEO services these days, it’s hard to tell them all apart. You choose one, pay your money, get a generic 50 page audit document talking about every Google ranking factor under the sun, and feel further back than when you started.

Sometimes less is more. AnotherSEO solves problems and offers concise solutions, without pages of worthless SEO ramblings to read through. We act more like a colleague than an agency, integrating into your processes and ways of working. If you already cover SEO in-house, we become another SEO to bounce ideas and problems off of – a star player in your team.

We’re probably the most technical SEO consultancy you’ll find, but also know how to turn clever technical fixes into easily understood answers. Our end goal is to bring you more traffic and revenue, prioritising recommendations based on estimated uplifts and the resource required.

If solutions to issues don’t exist, we’ll create them. In the past we’ve built Reverse Proxies to move subdomains into subfolders, replaced over 60 buggy slow WordPress plugins with 5 speedy custom coded plugins, built a bespoke web crawler to collect specific SEO data sets required by a client, and solved the seemingly unsolvable technical conundrums.

SEO Consulting Services
  • Retainer Based SEO Consulting
  • Complete SEO Strategy Planning
  • Competitor Intelligence Reports
  • Website & Platform Migrations
  • WordPress SEO & Development
  • Magento & Shopify Optimisation
  • Penalty Recovery & Link Cleanup
  • Ad-hoc SEO Problem Solving
  • SEO Due Diligence & Auditing
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Clarity, Confidence & Results

SEO can seem complex and daunting at times, even to seasoned SEOs. We’ll make it clear, measured and profitable for your business.

When you join, we’ll send over some questions to discover more about your business, current struggles and future objectives. We’ll review your situation and set-up monitoring systems to notify us about new on-page issues, link movements, ranking changes and more. We’ll then work with you to build a short term and long term SEO plan, based on your core objectives and goals.

Sometimes your competitors in Organic Search are very different to those offline, even to other online channels. We’ll analyse the top keywords in your vertical to discover which websites are getting the largest traffic share and from which keywords. Once the core SEO competitors are identified, their strengths and weaknesses will be assessed and used influence your own SEO campaign.

We're Not Right For Everyone

Purely technical

AnotherSEO prides itself on being the best SEO service that money can buy. We offer highly advanced SEO strategy planning and problem solving, focussed on increasing traffic and revenue. If you need Content Marketing or Link Building, we can refer you onto the people that we trust to do this. Our goal is to fix your website and give you the knowledge needed to dominate your vertical in Organic Search.

Not a traditional agency

There are no “Account Managers” or inexperienced junior SEOs, to get in the way of progress. We’re not monsters though, everything is managed, organised and shared in Basecamp. Everyone working on your account will have 8+ years of commercial SEO experience, across multiple competitive verticals. There are no timesheets or hourly billing, as we’re always thinking about our clients. We don’t have a big fancy office in the city, preferring to do business over email, Slack or video calls. In-person meetings aren’t out of the question though.

“We” usually means “I”

In most cases, the larger an SEO team is, the less work gets done. We prefer working one-on-one, with your consultant knowing everything about your business and able to answer all of your questions. A big team just leads to confusion, crossover, frequent team changes and completely redundant resource being billed for, just for “being there”.

We've Sailed These Seas

AnotherSEO has hands-on experience in most verticals, having competed in SEO for almost 20 years and in over 30 countries.

We worked in-house for the largest Online Poker website during the peak of iGaming. We’ve built the biggest link building teams in the world and ranked top for the most competitive Mortgage and Credit Card keywords. Our ecommerce strategies have helped clients topple industry goliaths, that once held a monopoly in their market.

Our team helped to build some of the first Share of Voice reports, Link Cleanup tools and Edge SEO systems. We are invited to speak at SEO conferences around the world, specifically on Technical SEO, Big Site SEO and Link Building topics. We have presented highly advanced and well received talks at Pubcon Las Vegas, BrightonSEO, SES in London, New York and San Jose, plus SMX in London, New York, Seattle, Santa Clara and Sydney.

We are the SEO’s SEO, having trained a large number of today’s SEO celebrities and influencers, when they were first starting out. By working with AnotherSEO, you get direct access to the same knowledge that top agencies have learnt from and based their campaigns around, only fresher.

Always Looking Out For You

Pro-Active SEO Monitoring

We’ll be keeping watch over your website every day. When new issues appear or old issues worsen, we’ll contact you with a solution before you’ve even noticed them.

Fresh Ideas & Insights

Keep your team looking strong and innovative. We’ll be constantly thinking about your site and sharing new ideas to enhance rankings, traffic and revenue.

Useful Reporting & Analysis

Your keyword rankings, traffic and (if you’re able) revenue performance will be tracked on a daily basis, ready for analysis.

Competitor Intelligence

We will monitor your entire industry, to identify the current market leaders in SEO and what strategy they are using. See the traffic wins/losses on a daily basis.