Announcing a new Technical SEO Agency

Announcing a new Technical SEO Agency
Rob Kerry
Written by Rob Kerry

It has been twenty years since I first started in SEO and twelve years since I co-founded my last SEO agency. It’s now time for another chapter in my work life. Today I’m launching AnotherSEO, a Technical SEO Agency that offers specialist one-on-one consulting services to businesses of all sizes.

AnotherSEO goes back to the original plan of my last agency. To offer the best SEO service that money can buy, by hiring the brightest minds in the industry and pairing them with fantastic brands. No multi-level team structure, no account managers, just direct access to the highest level of SEO expertise.

I also wanted to return to the area of work that I love, Technical SEO and Website Development. It has pained me to see our industry become less technical as a whole over the years. Some agencies are just running a ScreamingFrog crawl over a client’s site and then copy/pasting solutions out of a Moz blog post. I’ve seen SEO Audits by some very respected names in our industry, which just list every SEO or Google Lighthouse factor and whether a website complies or not. It’s our job to provide bespoke tailored solutions to clients, then prioritise them based on estimated traffic uplifts and resources required to fix them.

You would also think that better SEO compliance in CMSs and web platforms would mean that SEO consulting was no longer needed. But there are still countless large brand websites that struggle to rank for their product or service keywords after decades. The big full-service agencies are typically to blame for this, throwing in “SEO” with website builds or PPC campaigns, without the expertise needed to provide it.

AnotherSEO is an agency that addresses this. An agency that will build new technology to solve a client’s issue, or crawls the web to get the data and insights they need. It will troubleshoot the toughest technical conundrums and fix the unfixable. It will also stay small and nimble, only taking on new clients when a top-notch SEO is available, with plenty of resource to service them. Never oversold, never outsourced. It will remain a specialist in the Technical SEO space, recommending trusted partners for services such as Content Marketing, rather than attempting and failing to service it in-house.

As well as taking on a limited number of new SEO clients, AnotherSEO will be releasing SEO focussed SaaS apps. These will be open to all, including other agencies.

I’m very much looking forward to this new chapter and the work that is ahead of us.

If you’re interested in working with AnotherSEO, please feel free to contact us.